Brodeur Home Design & Interiors
Creating Your Perfect Space




layout and design

Weather its a renovation or a new home design, the first step to every design is get a sense of the style of home you want. Finding the best layout to give you the best sun or views is the next step. Then how do you want your home to feel as you go through it? We will come up with the best design and layout that suites all your needs. 

MATERIEl and fixture selection 

After we have made a decision on the style of home you desire we will find suitable fixtures, appliances, lights windows, doors and lastly a color palate for your home to enhance the spaces. This process may start before the drawings start but may finishes after depending on the schedule and leed times. 

architectural and construction drawings

Once the design is done I will do the drawings needed for the development and building permits. After everything is approved construction drawings will be next to get done. once these are all finished construction may commence!